Official Software
(Single Account)
Qlinkgroup Operator's Client Verion 

New Features:

  • Hourly Rates Shown
  • Reason for account suspension Shown
  • Improved notifications
  • Bug fixes

     Qlinkgroup Official Software

            (Single Account)

           Qlinkgroup/.NET v.1.3.0





 New Features:

  • Hourly Rates Shown
  • Reason for account suspension Shown
  • Improved notifications
  • Bug fixes




       QLink Soft V13.10.31.1

          (Multiple Accounts)




  • Add Account button
  • IDs Check List
  • Play/Pause Button
  • Sound Option
  • Total Timer Work
  • Total Input
  • Average
  • Inverted Color

To  All Approved Qlinkgroup Operators:
Our default software is the Qlinkgroup Official Software. Please contact me if you want to use our 3rd party software for the authorization. Attention! You are only allowed to login maximum of 2 accounts at a time using our 3rd party software.



Username#1: sexyfigure

Password: (contact us)


Username#2: siksikfigure

Password: (contact us)



Starting from new session, July 6, 2012, 12:00am server time, we are implementing hourly rates system.



Policy Updates: From Qlinkgroup Administrator

"We're reducing the minimum quota from 3000 captchas per week to 800 captchas per week. Anyone who has worked and solved less then 800 captchas in a week will NOT be paid."

One week cycle (QUOTA) starts every Friday 12:00:00MN Server Time (New York) and ends on Thursday 11:59:59PM Server Time (New York).

 or from Friday 12:00Noon (Manila Time) to to the next Friday 11:59AM (Manila Time).


Do you want to earn the best rates? The best time to work is 13PM to 20PM Server Time

or 12MN to 8AM Manila Time. Click on Qlinkgroup Pay-sheet on the sidebar for more details.


QL EXCHANGE RATE: $1.00 = Php40.00


Server Time (New York)







1. Fill up our Application Form for Qlinkgroup.

2. Wait for our email notification. (This includes your assigned username(s) and password(s) and further instructions).

3.Using your assigned username(s) and password(s), log into the operator candidates entry test login page. Before taking the entry test, you have to practice first. If you solve CAPTCHAs fast and correctly enough, you'll be allowed to take the entry test. You must pass the Entry Test to become a full-fledged operator.

4. Once you passed the Entry Test, Log in to the full-fledged operators' section using the same username and password, download Qlinkgroup client (Official Software) and start solving!

*Any Operator Candidate account approved but not used within 72 hours will be removed.

*Any account not used for 4 weeks will be removed.

*Anyone who has worked and solved less than 800 captchas in a week will NOT be paid.


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